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From here on in…


A fire is lit under my feet.

I have been supplied with ample fuel. (Six boxes!!! Thank you Libby!)

Now the only thing missing, as I review the list of input,…gravity.

I am excited to usher in the new year with the completion of this project. What a ride it has been.

Stay tuned, we are almost finished.

heARTbeat gal

Merry happy everything

The remote-controlled race track has been assembled. The Christmas kazoo has been hidden. Ham bones are making pea soup while turkey carcasses make stock. Everything is covered in wrapping paper sparkle. And this Christmas vagabond is avoiding going home in an effort to extend the season a few minutes longer. It has been a good one for me.

It has also been a good break. BUT, there is no more time to waste. With days left and much vision left to create I have to get to work. I am energized. Here we go!

Wishing my collaborators a very merry happy everything.

Merry happy everything


I think the pull of the lunar eclipse is awaking my inner pagan. As each day will now grow longer ,we all celebrate in some manner, the birth of the true light of the world. Pick your Light as you so chose.

I am forever drawn this time of year by the ritual of building fire and burning candles. So, as I work alongside my fir tree altar, perhaps this winter solstice has had a hand in influencing the light and the power of this piece, its anchor in celestial things.

I also find it interesting that on this day in 1968 Apollo 8 was the first human spaceflight to leave Earth’s orbit and return to planet Earth from another celestial body, the moon. Perhaps Breena’s latest contribution would make a perfect Apollo 8.

28. Breena: a pepper shaker sketch. Yes, that is what that is!

29. Mike & Suzanne: Eiffel Tower. That is marital collaboration!

30. Peter: some of his cartoons! (one below) So great!

Peter Gould cartoon

By far, the most productive accomplishment of the day was the pirate castle I built with Leo and Eva. If anyone is wondering where the glue sticks went…this is where.

My best creation



So I was recently, gently, challenged on whether this piece is a “real” collaboration. I am not surprised by the critique. However, I wholeheartedly disagree. Here are my principal arguments:

1. The obvious, receiving of input on specific elements to be included, either literally or from inspiration

2. I am feeding off the energy of my collaborators.

3. My effort to remain connected to those interested brings about an unexpected element of collaboration. Let me explain, in the discipline of providing updates I am forced to step back and view the progress more objectively. Not entirely, of course, but for example, with each photo that I post, I see the next steps. The photo below reveals much to me. I was simply raising it to take a photo when the sunlight caught it from behind. I may not have noticed certain things had I not felt compelled to report back to my collaborators.

I invite a debate. A gentle debate.



Thirteen days to go

First of all, math was never a strong suit of mine. At some point along the way I lost two days. If one were to calculate according to my posts then one (including myself until a minute ago!) would think there were fifteen days left. That isn’t right at all. I won’t waste any more time trying to figure out the error…but there is in fact only thirteen more days.

Speaking of lost time, there was some advantage to the recent injury to my back. Advantage in being forced to do little but think, in having limit on the action I could take. I have given much thought to the personal meaning behind each contribution, the process behind each step, while attempting to weave together a coherent single vision.

However, too much time spent inside Olivia’s head is…wacky-making (as I am sure those closest to me can confirm). So after days of frustrating drug induced inaction, Today I binged on creating. The result is that many of the foundational elements have started to take shape. With thirteen days to go, this has relieved some of the panic I was feeling. Still so much to do…and I am competing against that energy sucking beast of a holy birthday.



…a very quick update

Just a quick update as I am now off the narcotics for my back. Not surprisingly, some progress has been achieved as a result. A busy morning, with the help of my best gal Eva. We have to go make gingerbread houses now, but expect a further update later tonight.


Flow…eighteen days

Dear Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,

You have put into words my experience. What a comfort your words are to me. I am an astonished creator. This piece is an authentic project.

” The consequence of forging life by purpose and resolution is a sense of inner harmony, a dynamic order in the contents of the consciousness.”

My thanks to Brett for the reference. Surprises at every turn.

The latest contributions  are a challenge. A delightful challenge.

25. Breena: a glow in the dark pretzel

26. Brett: Flow…wavy, patterned, anti-chaotic, bands of colour. They have to reach from side to side or top to bottom.

27. Andrea: The idea that what you give to your heart/lungs/belly/soul, is what keeps all of those things working well and in harmony. And, how you treat your temple is how you should treat other temples.

The back pain continues to impede progress. Thoughts are filling the gap. Flowing…


…nineteen days…

I am whacked on narcotics. I have on a very sexy white medical corset. My finger tips are covered in glue and bits of gold.

Thus, it may be best to share my update with as few words and thoughts as possible. Please see below.

In the beginning...

The latest contribution has come from a very dear spiritual soul and set the tone for what ended up being a very majestic corner of the canvass.

24. Thess: The light that emanates from certain clouds (…that feels like a connection to God)

I want so badly to do more tonight. The clock is ticking, and more importantly, the contributions, the vision, the plans of execution are overflowing. Alas, the drugs are wearing thin and I need to be on the mend.

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.


CollaborACTION! That went too far. No more collabowords.

Some progress has been made. Below, a shot of some planning in action. All the ideas have a home, have their purpose. The vision is strengthened by each of them. It remains to be seen whether I can make something happen.

I received some input from my father. Leave it to him to lob me a softball.

21. Ray: Consider the underlying unity of all things in the universe, such as the equivalence of matter and energy or the fact that at the atomic level all matter is comprised of the same thing.  For some reason, I find it comforting that a proton is a proton is a proton.  The substantial difference between two radically different things such as oxygen and iron is that oxygen has eight protons in its nucleus whereas iron has twenty-six.  Each element is defined by the number of protons in its nucleus.  But a proton from an oxygen atom is the same as proton from an iron atom.  Take away a proton from each and you get nitrogen and magnesium, respectively.

This oneness is the very exercise.

22. Leo: Robots. Of course. Just like his dad. Except Leo’s robots clean and make dinner, unlike Robocop gone wrong.

23. (my favourite girl with my favourite number) Eva: Rainbows. Of course. Just like Dan! Huh, what?! This is awkward…

The plan is sound. But will I finish? Twenty – gulp – days to go…

– OQ

But, what about 15?

Yes, of course. How could I forget?

15. Chris: Robocop and  a Hewlett-Packard printer

Now jump ahead…

19. Dan: the inviting Robobaby


A side note, I am so glad to see Dan and Chris collaborating. You two are embracing this experience fully. But now I am going to have to ask you to stop. Seriously. Stop talking immediately. I am so fearful of where this could lead! [wink]



Now off to hunt for our supplies. I have many stops to make. Oh and, there is something I know I am supposed to prepare for, …a holiday or some such thing…ah well, I am sure I will remember.

First stop, hardware store.