Monthly Archives: June 2011

…why, oh why, can’t I?


how summer did rise

howling at dawn, listening

snow was morning breath

Thanks for the kick in the rear.


me, myself, & p.e.I.

Here is a little friend I met on the beach in P.E.I.  I think he was hitting on me.

When I wasn’t being bothered by the locals I binged on the non-stop colour and texture of the red isle. So rich and warm , I vacillated between wanting to either eat or roll around in the landscape at near every view. I mostly just took snaps. Click the photo to see a few. Wolf Parade, the Vaccines and Of Montreal provided the soundtrack.

P.E.I. the sleepiest wonder I ever did see. Thank you for your hospitality.

xoxo heARTbeatgal

p.s. Ms. Normal has been trampling all over heARTbeatgal and her ideas. Summer holidays hold promise of finishing at least a few of the many pieces I have started over the Spring.  When will Ms. Normal win the lottery?


I mostly do.


I heART this view of Ottawa.

Thank you Shepard Fairey


making an offering

to the summer gods



life is good



my two heARTs



My heART is full of inspiration.

Get to work gal!