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the world is a town where the empress people are excluded


very pleased to see

my submission

to Michael Harfords’s The World is a Town

arrived and included

community feels good


finger painting

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feeling modest







heARTbeatgal’s contribution for To The Power of N

thirteen squares of beautiful paper

from my local vietnamese haberdashery

the artist, Joel Lambeth, is seeking thirteen identical bits of “something”

for inclusion in the artists’ materials of his collaborative collage project

how could i not collaborate?

they are en route to australia now, along with my good vibes



it may only be recently that i call myself artist first, after mother

more than three years now that i have been compelled to create

but it was always quietly present

i remember well the feeling painting this watercolour portrait of my mother

memory fails me, but this was a decade or so ago

it was the same deeply satisfying creative bliss i tap into regularly now

glimpses of what i now know will forever be with me

i thank the spirits for painting


the world is a town…

thanks again to the interwebs

i found another member of my tribe

a collaborative collagist

my piece for

Michael Harford’s “The World is a Town”

sticking it in the post today!


happy mom

i love my kids

happy happy to all the moms!


my part of Chinatown Remixed is hung

with a pro helper, it looks great

i am all smiles

if you are around ottawa this saturday come pay me a visit

after the parade! (there is a parade!!) i will be at my venue

My Sweet Tea, 824 somerset st. west

from two to five

come see all the great artists and events

if not saturday, the show runs through mid-june

yay! very exciting!

very pleased

…my home feels empty though



mixed media – 22″ x 10″

letting go



…when n equals twelve!

To The Power Of N is an ongoing creative experiment

orchestrated by australian collage artist Joel Lambeth

he chooses other collage artists to create unique collage artworks

using only  a specific set of materials provided

(exhibition catalogue 2011)

This time ’round, to the Power of N is seeking twelve artists

exponentially more brilliant!

math references and all, this is my kind of heART!!

thanks to the inter-webs for helping me to locate

these other members of my tribe

excellent fun!