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without much notice

a piece is resolved

without ANY notice, iPhoto made the photo pink

how could i complain?!

if this piece explores my personal journey, then unexpected is apt


pieces of me – oil and collage  2.5′ x 4′ (not really pink all over)


every bit of paper in this work has particular meaning for me

the devil is in the details (come visit to see for yourself!)

and, if “rainbow sunshine magic” was the jumping off point

this feels like the next chapter in the evolution of my story

a few meditative steps down the path

…and we get our dining room table back!



p.s. though i am fond of pink, i will sort out my snaps and post a proper picture in my gallery shortly

knock knock

who’s there?


me who?

no, seriously, it’s just me. I am telling a knock knock joke.


modern bride

An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he—for some reason—thinks it would be a good idea to give them.

—Andy Warhol



recently i was inspired by a modern bride and traditional red dresses

the bride, beautiful inside and out was exceptionally beautiful in her traditional red wedding dress

another traditional red garment was, by chance, given to me by a different beautiful soul for art making purposes

the iconic red dress from the vogue cover

my scissors still hot from snipping my september issue i cut that dress apart

and the vogue

to make for my friend and her new husband a wedding gift

(don’t worry. there was a real gift as well. and it is small enough to fit in a closet)

it is in the post with much love and many heARTs




Lainie Towell , co-curator of Nuit Blanche Ottawa at the opening ceremony – photo Ottawa Citizen

” OTTAWA — Lainie Towell held a 1.5-metre wooden staff decorated with gold paint and peacock feathers as she welcomed the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd gathered at Hintonburg’s Orange Gallery for the launch of Ottawa’s inaugural Nuit Blanche.

The co-curator of the festival passed the piece of “live art” to a couple in the crowd in what was expected to be the first exchange of many during the all-night art extravanganza…”

Read more:

the seven other sticks are also off on noble paths

i saw evidence last night of the sticks having great fun

what a joy to see them go

i will miss them

i do hope the snaps roll in…


walk with me

Nuit Blanche Ottawa has arrived

only hours now until the walking sticks begin their journey



all pulled from hawk lake (above)

some striped naked. some not

with my tree fetish, it was important to highlight the wood

where will they go?

where they need to i suppose


join here my flickr group to watch the story unfold

(or join Flickr and search under “groups” for “walk with me #nbo12”)

ultimately, the collage of photos is the work

(if it works! fingers crossed)


…and you simply must come down to the party at Social this evening 6:22pm – 4:23am

come share in the creative energy of Robert Brazeau’s collaborative twenties era photo shoot

our bit of fun for the first ever Nuit Blanche Ottawa!

my sticks will depart from here

away we go

“walk with me”


late adulthood

reflection & restriction

in the same way that most people are fond of children

i am fond of the elderly

(most kids are creepy, no? :-))

i have spent many hours at the sides of aged friends

they fascinate me and i envy their histories

i live each day seeking experiences

so that one day

once octogenarian perhaps

i will have stories to tell

and the memory to enjoy them

…just get me a chair with a view, a blanket,

a few kindly young men to flirt with

and someone to listen


this project will count as one of my great stories


middle adulthood

reward & realignment

here i am, early, yet middle adulthood

i am excited by this chapter

i expect good things

my stick may have lofty ambitions

what with its golden and peacock embellishments

but the rewards i am envisioning are personal

knowing who you are

maybe even knowing a little something about something

more time to consider these things

more time and opportunity to realign

my hopes and dreams are in this stick

i cannot wait for it to set off


p.s. this stick has the grand privilege of being set off on its journey from the opening ceremony with the Nuit Blanche Ottawa curators! yay!

young adulthood

hard work & responsibility

work, family, chores, sleep


following your own nose

making your own mistakes

building who you are

throw in some fun

then work some more



(can you tell this stage made me tired?)



rebellion & change

on my thirteenth birthday I closed my eyes and wished…

to be twenty

i wouldn’t wish this age on my worst enemy

however, most battle through

change and rebellion

something in between

if i were to do it over again

there would be a lot more spray paint involved

i think this stick rawks


school age


numbers and letters used to get most everyone in line

the rules

schoolyard and classroom both

i quite like this stick

i used to quite like the rules (not such a fan any longer. i have a friend to thank for that)

it was made in the company of some formidable ladies

it just feels good this one