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this song came ’round yesterday. on the heARTbreak¬†Everyone’s Mixtape¬†mix. not sure where I have been since 2004?

thank you Martha Wainwright for finding some words for me and singing them with such heARTbreaking honesty


( I just had to! I am actually not all that heartbroken nor sad ūüôā I just really dig the music on that mix)

* ¬†important disclaimer * ¬†the sentiment of this post is NOT/NOT aimed at my parents, as some suggest Martha’s song may be to her father, nor at anyone else for that matter. also, the chorus may be a shade harsh

merry merry

my most favourite evening of the year

I will fight for merry

words here are the only way I can make this merry

peace, love, light


solstice miracle!

…one day belated,

in the middle of some impromptu t-mas crafting,

had the vision for the completion of a patient little piece

(…perhaps two! – a pair?)

waited on a dusty shelf, dusty itself

under books at times

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building block number 1

finishing feels so good

…now off to finish what will be type A

stay tuned


mama’s new box

spirit girl

…rarely caught on film.

Collaborating with five-years-olds is four-fifths magic.


window shopping

snaps from a quiet walk

out & about

my Ottawa

that makes me happy

so does good news

et le concert “Jardin” ce matin!!!!

heARTs  to the biggest hearts of my life.



caught this clip on its way ’round. excellent!

This makes me feel the hope and hell in my heART!


third eye


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the experiment

one year ago

aught nine twelve two thousand and ten

54 reflections

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aught nine twelve two thousand and ten eleven


an unexpected journey, in, out, and around three hundred and sixty-five days.

until here.

mending, waiting, seeking…next!

(spirits around, won’t you please offer a hint!)


To my collaborator-friend-supporters, love.

heARTbeatgal (Olivia)

THE man the MAN!

Prince, sir, please pardon the few snaps stolen in the first few moments.

I just HAD to.

Understand here, I am applying no zoom.

Prince spent a good long while on, around, and playing the keyboard shown behind the amazing Shelby J. (back up vocal extraordinaire in the snap above)

Prince, sir, you scored much of the soundtrack of my early life. The odd factory of fortune delivered last night, chariot and all, a near life long dream of seeing you and your band(s) play live. Consummate, professional, important musicians all (Andy Allo, you amaze me).

…and I swear he even looked right at me and held my gaze.. That is right. Prince ¬†gave me¬†“the Prince Stare”.¬†I am certain I stopped breathing a good long while.

Thank your for your heART.

Thank you to my kind, yet rebellious escort.

And to Melissa for some kick ass seats.

heART beating gal