I think the pull of the lunar eclipse is awaking my inner pagan. As each day will now grow longer ,we all celebrate in some manner, the birth of the true light of the world. Pick your Light as you so chose.

I am forever drawn this time of year by the ritual of building fire and burning candles. So, as I work alongside my fir tree altar, perhaps this winter solstice has had a hand in influencing the light and the power of this piece, its anchor in celestial things.

I also find it interesting that on this day in 1968 Apollo 8 was the first human spaceflight to leave Earth’s orbit and return to planet Earth from another celestial body, the moon. Perhaps Breena’s latest contribution would make a perfect Apollo 8.

28. Breena: a pepper shaker sketch. Yes, that is what that is!

29. Mike & Suzanne: Eiffel Tower. That is marital collaboration!

30. Peter: some of his cartoons! (one below) So great!

Peter Gould cartoon

By far, the most productive accomplishment of the day was the pirate castle I built with Leo and Eva. If anyone is wondering where the glue sticks went…this is where.

My best creation


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