CollaborACTION! That went too far. No more collabowords.

Some progress has been made. Below, a shot of some planning in action. All the ideas have a home, have their purpose. The vision is strengthened by each of them. It remains to be seen whether I can make something happen.

I received some input from my father. Leave it to him to lob me a softball.

21. Ray: Consider the underlying unity of all things in the universe, such as the equivalence of matter and energy or the fact that at the atomic level all matter is comprised of the same thing.  For some reason, I find it comforting that a proton is a proton is a proton.  The substantial difference between two radically different things such as oxygen and iron is that oxygen has eight protons in its nucleus whereas iron has twenty-six.  Each element is defined by the number of protons in its nucleus.  But a proton from an oxygen atom is the same as proton from an iron atom.  Take away a proton from each and you get nitrogen and magnesium, respectively.

This oneness is the very exercise.

22. Leo: Robots. Of course. Just like his dad. Except Leo’s robots clean and make dinner, unlike Robocop gone wrong.

23. (my favourite girl with my favourite number) Eva: Rainbows. Of course. Just like Dan! Huh, what?! This is awkward…

The plan is sound. But will I finish? Twenty – gulp – days to go…

– OQ

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