So I was recently, gently, challenged on whether this piece is a “real” collaboration. I am not surprised by the critique. However, I wholeheartedly disagree. Here are my principal arguments:

1. The obvious, receiving of input on specific elements to be included, either literally or from inspiration

2. I am feeding off the energy of my collaborators.

3. My effort to remain connected to those interested brings about an unexpected element of collaboration. Let me explain, in the discipline of providing updates I am forced to step back and view the progress more objectively. Not entirely, of course, but for example, with each photo that I post, I see the next steps. The photo below reveals much to me. I was simply raising it to take a photo when the sunlight caught it from behind. I may not have noticed certain things had I not felt compelled to report back to my collaborators.

I invite a debate. A gentle debate.



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