Flow…eighteen days

Dear Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,

You have put into words my experience. What a comfort your words are to me. I am an astonished creator. This piece is an authentic project.

” The consequence of forging life by purpose and resolution is a sense of inner harmony, a dynamic order in the contents of the consciousness.”

My thanks to Brett for the reference. Surprises at every turn.

The latest contributions  are a challenge. A delightful challenge.

25. Breena: a glow in the dark pretzel

26. Brett: Flow…wavy, patterned, anti-chaotic, bands of colour. They have to reach from side to side or top to bottom.

27. Andrea: The idea that what you give to your heart/lungs/belly/soul, is what keeps all of those things working well and in harmony. And, how you treat your temple is how you should treat other temples.

The back pain continues to impede progress. Thoughts are filling the gap. Flowing…


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