Monthly Archives: October 2012


my neighbour paying me a visit


happy halloween!

thirty days walking

thirty days after nuit blanche ottawa 2012

the sticks have been wandering…

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i am utterly delighted when a snap rolls in

and adore the humour most have

i knew the message would be positive

fingers crossed for more

thinking already of my next public collaboration



click here to see all of the snaps thus far


heARTbeatgal with her favourite shed



i recently had my DNA tested

in the name of genealogy

learning that maternal lines share the same DNA is fascinating

explains a lot

is deeply comforting

and helped to explain the importance of this piece



a work in progress over the last couple of years

a plethora of minute changes

multiple layers of

grand-daughter, daughter, sister, mother


portraits are not my thing (clearly), it felt like a test i must take

in the end it is my homage

to the great women of my life

i owe you everything


fall colours

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i enjoy the temporal nature of graffiti

the same is true of fall colours

tick tock


hey, universe!

where are my walking sticks at?

i know patience isn’t my strong suit

but i have heard from two only

the six others are off on their adventures without checking in at home

i just wanted to let them know i was thinking about them

hoping they are having fun



collaborative art in the name of a good cause


my contribution to the third #twitterartexhibit


la petite d’edgar 3 – mixed media 5″ x 7″


if i manage to get the address. question mark

the project is vague about that part


i will keep her by my bed for now



p.s. a walking stick, the fun stick, journeyed to Toronto! woot woot! a post about that as soon.


lovely light the other night

i cannot get enough of this shed

i am thinking of printing the snaps and finding its owner

i bet they have no idea their shed is famous!





numero deux

another in the series

another “petite d’edgar”


la petite d’edgar 2 – collage and acrylic 14″ x 11″

thank you to Joan and her amazing daughter both for inspiring others

at least two


p.s. and this happens to be my two -hundredth post. imagine that!