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sound stream light gardener

your owl, cicada & birch

all come shoreside

want for evening MOON

investigating that cold drop of WINE

envy for our GOLDEN TRICKLE

drunken flower of the SUN WEED harvest

SHE flies, sees, blossomed, SINGS at night

TOO satisfy hot love thunder’s WRATH

have cried, will cry, about YOU before. ALWAYS.

I am sHe

me we



my pride

my people

my man





sugar skull



virtuous spiral

a virtuous spiral from a vicious cycle…

“The Somaly Mam Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to ending modern slavery and empowering its survivors as part of the solution. Human trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry, is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. With an estimated two million women and children sold into sexual slavery each year, it is a global crisis that must be stopped.

Co-founded by sex slavery survivor Somaly Mam, the Foundation works to eradicate sex slavery, liberate its victims, and empower survivors to create and sustain lives of dignity and as agents of next-generation change. The Foundation supports rescue operations, shelter services, and rehabilitation programs in Southeast Asia, where the trafficking of women and young girls is widespread.

The Somaly Mam Foundation also runs awareness and advocacy campaigns that shed light on the crime of human trafficking, spotlight its brave survivors as living examples of change, and engage the public, business sectors, and governments in the fight to abolish modern slavery.”

– The Somaly Mam Foundation

passionate eye

passionate eye  –  resin-covered collage   60 x 80cm

i am showing this piece tonight at Art for Awareness

in the hope it can make some money for this worthy cause

in the name of my very best gal pal Vic

she is passionate about this cause and i am passionate about her

consider attending this event tonight

lord elgin hotel 7pm

many great artists and performers

see you there…


thirty seven

older things are n’ice’!

nice age

full of stories

interesting scars

still useful




the love art party


last night

a few of my pieces hanging

love art party

i felt the love

artistika miss

i felt the art

Adam F. Davidson felt the love as he live painted (despite his many distracting fans)


i felt the party


(a love note i was handed. ahh Rumi!)

Thank you to the organizers.

many heARTs!!!


open to opinions

purposely vague

living life by “counsel”

my best gal made that up



winter kids

walking. shopping. heARTing. lunching. sledding. hunting. Ovaltine. playing. visiting. reading. sleeping.

my heART is full. and exhausted.


faulty RAMs

Life, please step aside. You have been behaving very selfishly lately, making all kinds of ridiculous demands.

Rose with the sun today. Just look at all that potential in front of me. It is going to be a good day.

Expect to hear from me again soon.

heARTbeatgal xxo