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Bubbi Denore

Through the great fortune of family re-engineering I managed to collect along the way a totally rockin’ jewish grandmother. While well into her nineties, she was so completely au courant we never spent enough time talking about her early days. Quel dommage.  It will soon be a year since she passed. I think of her often.

A few days ago I spent time peeking with great reverence through a box of her things,  a curious yet comforting number of items. In the box was a handsome well-worn copy of the Naomi Cook Book, Toronto 1928. This past week I carefully flipped through each page many times.

Take a peek at these snaps to understand why I am in love…

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For a closer look click.

Thank you Lenore for all the inspiration.

You rock! …and I feel a painting coming on.


faulty RAMs

Life, please step aside. You have been behaving very selfishly lately, making all kinds of ridiculous demands.

Rose with the sun today. Just look at all that potential in front of me. It is going to be a good day.

Expect to hear from me again soon.

heARTbeatgal xxo