Urban Art Show – local group show including heaARTbeatgal August 4th!

To The Power of N – Joel Lambeth – very cool collaborative collage work!

The World is a Town – collaborative collage project by Michael Harford for which heARTbeatgal made a contribution

Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery – a great heARTist actively sharing the gift of creation and the power of sharing it

Art of the Day

Before I die – Candy Chang – great project

The Museum of Modern Art – one of my favorite places in person and online

The Ottawa School of Art – one of my favourite places in person

The Ottawa Art Gallery

Enriched Bread Artists

The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction …en Mexico. must make a visit.

International Society of Assemblage & Collage Artists

Cube Gallery – Ottawa’s Cube Gallery


Zouch Magazine & Miscellany – always innerestin’

Guerilla Magazine – Ottawa Culture At A Ground Level

Guerilla Magazine Blog – The blog for Ottawa’s most compelling Arts and Culture publication


Marie Claire (France) – favourite girlie mag

Fashion Served

Ottawa Fashion Week – I want to love you. My hope is hanging by a thread.

Tokyo Fashion – In my top 10 of favourite sites (just don’t make me pick the other nine)

things i heART

Younes Bounhar – My favorite landscape photographer

Image & Style by Rita Aouad – Ottawa’s Personal Style Guru

Royal Ottawa

The Lake Effect  – great music

True Loaf Bread Company – my favorite bread

Risk Play Create, My search for Authenticity – a viewpoint I appreciate

Everyone’s Mixtape – for when it is too difficult to tune into the radio or your ipod has gone missing… “heARTbreak” is good.

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