About…my heARTbeat

photo: Robert Brazeau


I am many things. Some better than others. None of them perfect.

Yet imperfectly perfect. It wasn’t until I finally began moving to the beat of my heart, my natural internal rhythm, that truer versions of my selves were able to rise to the surface.

I have been blessed in life, profoundly. But a piece of the puzzle was missing. The part of me that needs to create. I can’t not create any longer. So here I go. Painting, writing, designing, bingeing on endless culture, making music…and whatever else unfolds before me.

You are welcome to come along. I expect it to be at least an interesting journey.

Olivia (heARTbeatgal)

[Ha! For any astrologers out there: is it possible to have a better example of a Gemini?]

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