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people of ottawa

you  have NEVER disappointed me

chinatown re-mixed was a total blast!

deeply awesome

i made many wonderful connections and had fun with the over two hundred people who stopped to play my games

ctr remixed

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my many thanks and congratulations to the people of re-mixed!  you are a stellar community putting together a smashing event!

i am now working on a way to display them for nuit blanche ottawa gatineau 2014

each one is special

together they are powerful

thank you all!



chinatown remixed

early morning CKCU interview…

good for a laugh

i never know what is going to come flying out of my mouth!


wmyh 16

wmyh 17

wmyh 18

wmyh 19

wmyh 20

hope to see folks out tomorrow for chinatown re-mixed

i plan on all day fun!




first batch received from local elementary school Francojeunesse!

wmyh 14

wmyh 13

wmyh 15


wmyh 11

Merci à toutes et à tous!




countdown is on

crossing your fingers and toes for a beautiful next saturday

my people are taking to the streets (just one street really) in the name of art and community!


come out and play!

i want to know ‘what makes you human?’

wmyh 8

wmyh 9

wmyh 10

i will have a tent set up on the corner of Bronson and Sommerset, right next to a mailbox!

rain or shine i plan on FUN!


nostalgia for business

nostalgia for business


‘nostalgia for business’   oil & collage   9″x12″


found rare time for some collage

a complicated colourful little homage to Landsdown

makes me smile about an otherwise unfortunate situation

i cannot possibly condone the goings on of the current developers

it will forever be sacred ground for me

i witnessed Miss Jackson’s (…cause i’m nasty) Rhythm Nation tour august 21, 1990

i also remember fondly sitting shotgun as a little girl while my dad did doughnuts in the large empty snow dusted parking lot some cold ottawa winter night in the ’80s

good times

…now i look forward to the fond memories  i am going to make at ‘whole foods’