Thirteen days to go

First of all, math was never a strong suit of mine. At some point along the way I lost two days. If one were to calculate according to my posts then one (including myself until a minute ago!) would think there were fifteen days left. That isn’t right at all. I won’t waste any more time trying to figure out the error…but there is in fact only thirteen more days.

Speaking of lost time, there was some advantage to the recent injury to my back. Advantage in being forced to do little but think, in having limit on the action I could take. I have given much thought to the personal meaning behind each contribution, the process behind each step, while attempting to weave together a coherent single vision.

However, too much time spent inside Olivia’s head is…wacky-making (as I am sure those closest to me can confirm). So after days of frustrating drug induced inaction, Today I binged on creating. The result is that many of the foundational elements have started to take shape. With thirteen days to go, this has relieved some of the panic I was feeling. Still so much to do…and I am competing against that energy sucking beast of a holy birthday.



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