Monthly Archives: July 2012


resin-covered and framed

ready for a day in the park

la dama y/et la dame

die dame

the humidifier helped the resin in the heat

i was concerned

i must also report the use of my protective mask

safety first

dinning room table took the brunt of it this time

poor table


la dame d’henri

a third sister

my ode to Matisse

la dame d’henri – collage and oil 3′ x 2′

she is of course without her resin

i am hesitant to work with the stuff in any humidity


urban art show

how deeply the urban landscape inspires me

i dream most nights of rambling through enormous, yet near empty, metropolises


heARTbeatgal will soon pay hommage to her urban experience

spending the day with her art in the park (#24) at the Urban Art Show

amongst a community of other great local urban artists


fiddling with finishing touches is stirring the energy in me


j’adore the poster design


at least one person I know had better come

otherwise, how will I sneak away to the bathroom?



tell your friends (all of whom will likely be at cottages)

fingers crossed for a pleasant day

my best wishes to the organizers



les demoiselles

turbulent dreams about the women of my life

awoken, then, at the witching hour

up since

les demoiselles took shape around five thirty


les demoiselles –  collage  14″ x 11″


three dark ladies rising with the sun

in the rain

tired and it is nine thirty a.m.



cut flowers

i don’t like how quickly cut flowers wither

so i paint them first


i don’t do flowers justice

better than just dead



creativity begets creativity

this will never cease to delight me

yesterday’s post inspired artist Lorin Russell

Lorin Russell  23 Burning – mixed media 3′ x 2′ (now in my living room!!!)

we too are going to exchange collage materials!

few rules :

must use everything supplied

cannot make additions

paint and alteration allowed

materials for my swap with Lorin

looking forward to building my repertoire of collaborative pieces

glad to be lighting fires under others

creatively blissed out,



when life gives you lemons…

collaborate with another artist in a materials swap!

the ingredients

the materials i am sending to american artist Matthew Taggart 

now i cannot wait for mine to arrive

my energy for the project has already started to swell

the spirit of artistic collaboration is so refreshing

…waiting on the postman.


safety first

ok, maybe not first

safety finally, yes

safety NOW!

thank you to my hero!

i cannot afford another brain cell lost


paris ici

a year ago hBg escaped to paris

her wings now clipped, she paints another night

in her sunny centretown bedroom

un autre paris

au autre paris – oil and papier collé 14″ x 11″

hear this universe

i need a shopping trip, yo!


pieces of me

i have been working on this piece

pieces of me

for many months it has taken over my dining room

it is a beast

much work to be done yet, there is  -Yoda

pieces are about to be rounded up on an adventure out west with the kids

some fraction of me is a Calgary mountain girl

and I am taking my children to share in these pieces of “western” me

got on my Montana cowgirl boots

Stampede here we come!

Yee haw!