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Recipe: 24h Spirit Renewal


Breakfast of champions


Life. At night.

A gigantic bed I did not have to make














All of this equals…

Spirit girl is happy!



Thank you Montreal. Thank you SimSamSum. I love you both.



I allowed myself the pleasure of enjoying the spring snow today. I almost really like it. Like exquisite ice sculpture, quickly intensely enjoying it before it melts.

With winter behind me I am taking my first deep conscious breath of spring. It is important. It sets the tone of the next chapter. As I draw this breath I feel a sense of relief, a calm about the path I have set out on.

Now, listen…Ottawa, you and your weekend had your part to play in my good spring humour. Spring brings fall/winter fashion shows (my other favourite part of winter that happens to occur in spring) and this year Ottawa Fashion Week brought them to me . I am happy to be loving Ottawa. She is a bit shy but I believe the cool isn’t just a mirage born out of my desperate bored imagination. It isn’t. I have snaps to prove it. See below.


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In all seriousness, OFW, you made some very major improvements in all aspects and it deserves recognition. Well done. Nothing would thrill me more than if this could be a continuing trend. My thirty snaps speak to my impressions.

Rachel Sin and Argentina’s Adib Simon shone in my eyes. I am finding myself day dreaming about Rachel Sin’s gold blazer. Drool…

I wore my local Ottawa treasure Gem à la Folie Cou de Foudre amber, turquoise, and, freshwater pearl necklace to girl up my leather and faux hawk. Having occasion to wear it makes me smile.

I had fun. Inspired. And maybe, just maybe, I will have ,with each fashion season, some fun and inspiration to look forward to right here at home.



P.s. I am going to take all that above – the spring, the fashion, the good feeling – and paint that for my dear gal pal before she leaves.  😉

“Too blessed to be stressed!” – Sim Sam Sum

Yet I continue to let my first world problems get me down.

My body has been yanking me rudely out of bed at obscene hours of late. Before sunrise. Before the action of the day. Before spectacles. The view is dark, quiet, blurry.

Oh! how I look forward to the light, the warmth, of spring. I miss that girl who is all sunshine and rainbows. I am hoping I will find her on the other side of the weekend. If I don’t I will hunt that bitch down and ply her with martinis until she returns.




…a little.

Not exactly thirty days

Originally I had liked the pressure of thirty days. It squares things nicely. Yet, clearly thirty days have come and gone for “body parts”. Today the words of graffiti artist Chaz Bojórquez resonate.

“You need to spend whatever time it takes to “listen” to your painting.”

So meagre progress. Progress none the less.



Also. Spray paint. Too much fun.


Audition for Andy: update

Where’s Waldo?  Check out MoMa’s Andy Warhol: Motions Pictures.

heARTbeatgal is in there somewhere. Hahahahaha…!!!


Factory girl in the making!

Faith renewed and my new do

I try so hard to love you Ottawa. You are home, and beautiful, and safe.  But shit…you are losing your cool and coolest at an alarming rate and that makes me blue. I repeat, I want to love you.

So I spent most of today doing things to repair my faith.

1. Visited some “major” ladies to have my hair chopped. Studio B: Urban Modern Hair where have you been all my life?


My new do! It wouldn't be me without the wad of gum!

2. By chance, I got to see in person a painting, and its “major” lady subject as it happens, that for weeks I have not been able to get out of my head. Felt a little fated. A remarkable piece by Ottawa artist Zaneta Pernicova. HeART!

Even better in person! ZANETA Pernicova!

3. Indulged my new obsession with street art by buying and spending most of the afternoon pouring over the updated edition of Graffiti World: street art from five continents. Then spent some time in the streets.

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All in all, a pretty good grey day to love my home. Or,…was it just the high I got from my new leather pants!?

And frankly, I’m glad my peeps are fleeing. It gives me more time to get to know you, Ottawa.



A little update on the body parts project. It goes. Slowly. In parts.

The foundation has been laid. The parts are collected.

I want to say it feels good. It feels. And that is good.


Consolidation (C) Regarde, j’ai ajouté ceci pour que ça soit plus joli!


March Monday Morning


Kinda sunny. Still stinky.


Audition for Andy


Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures

PopLife and a couple of trips to NYC last year has Andy on my mind…

having fun…