Monthly Archives: May 2013

thirty seven

older things are n’ice’!

nice age

full of stories

interesting scars

still useful



national heART

a few stolen moments with my girl

a few stolen snaps from our nation’s gallery


i heART chinatown!

yesterday could not have been better

all thanks to a fearless leader, an incredible team of volunteers, talented artists, sunshine and my most favourite community

a few highlights i was able to catch during my awesome busy day…

yarn chinadoll

Lisa Dennis & Jasmine Vesque – “Chinadoll” yarn being bombed!

fearless leader inside Thenwedieatron

a minute inside “Thenwedieatron”

it was a pleasure to connect with Natali Leduc & Matthew Gorgol

collaboARTing with Daniel Martelock

my kiddies collaboARTing with Daniel Martelock

finished product

the finished work


burlesque feather lady was enchanting!

Stefan Thompson

mesmerizing live projection art by Stefan Thompson

silken laumen

really enjoyed rounding out the night with Silkken Laumann

my girls

a big thank you to Chinadoll for her sway at karaoke

and MY girls who came out to lend a hand

you rock ladies

thank you Chinatown Re-mixed!

it was a blast!

it feels good to feel at home


chinatown re-mixed

it is a beautiful may day today!

come down to somerset street and join the party

chinatown re-mixed


i’ll be waiting




i am on a fundraiser roll

won at bingo last night in the name of Chinatown Re-mixed

which starts next saturday

do the tour

then come down and party with us at the beer tent stage!!

live music, live art, cold beer, good eats

Shanghai parking lot

it’s gonna be fun





attended the ottawa school of art fundraiser j’adart! last night at the karsh-masson gallery

met some lovely osa instructors

won a basket of candy in the silent auction

dinner for a week!!

and for a good cause

bathtub lady was fun also

…but i couldn’t stay long. had a hockey game to watch. (good work boys. go sens go!)



i thought the days of print were behind us, sadly

that is until i ran across ottawa’s latest arts and culture rag herdmag


it goes after my heart with its charming small almost-square size and quirky sensibility

i don’t know who is paying for this beautiful little magazine but i look forward to cutting it up for as long as it is around. i will even likely read it first!

i leave you with… the alien and the mystery machine




warm spring evening

new bin

a snap of my new favourite bin

so happy to be out

and about