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this is very inconvenient

dishes need washing

canvases need priming

I need my paper snipping hand back!!!

oddly enough, while working lame, on another limb, a tree branch

re-located my wrist

apparently sawing with a dislocated wrist wasn’t

the worst idea i had that day

…and the walk with me walking stick project is off and away

this project has many sources of inspiration. one being a similar project by fellow heARTist Stephen B. MacInnis. there will be eight in total. the one above is the first and has started (with my sawing) its journey.

on the night of nuit blanche ottawa all eight hBg treated walking sticks will be set free. a small message will request of those that walk with us to share a snap of their journey with the stick before they pass it along or leave it to be found by another. if it works the way I hope it will the snaps will be uploaded to a group on flickr and this collage of snaps will tell a story.

…so i need my hand back because there are seven other walking sticks to start!



…in action

i adore The Dudes

thank you for rawking Ottawa!

it was worth being the creepy lady amongst the university students

come again soon please


the night

my obsession with the nigh-time cityscape continues

this time some beautiful printed silk, that i picked up a while back in NYC, was stretched

then painted

this was done a few days ago

before i dislocated my wrist a little

this may slow me down a few days



red lady

inspired by a snap on Pinterest




John Graham’s System and Dialectics of Art

“Art in particular is a systemic confession of personality”

John D Graham – Two Sisters [1944]

Oil, enamel, charcoal and casein on composition board, 121.4 x 121.8 cm

“The abstract purpose of art is to arrest the eternal motion and thus establish personal contact with static eternity”

“The origin of art lies in human longing for enigma, for the miraculous, for expansion, for social communication, for continuity and consequently – life eternal.”

makes perfect sense to me


la nuit

…à Paris

papier collé and oil – 16′ x 20″

as predicted yesterday

one building piece resolved

from my few days spent à Paris last summer

back to work



over a cup of mint green tea i realized that the four pieces i am working on bring me back to my buildings

this “downtown” that means so much to me

an evening stroll yielded a few snaps

and gave energy to the inspiration

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what an odd lady this seated nude became

i covered the freshly stretched canvas with a dozen coats of gesso, sanding occasionally, adding other layers. she was drawn on the thick and still slightly wet paint. the pencil carved her outline. more paint. her outline, now in black, gets covered again, but each time now i carve the outline into the paint. this goes on a while.

turns out she is pink. and her body, glazed in fingerprints. multi-layered textured gal. i like her.


walk with me

i started this adventure with the hopes of collaboARTing at any and every chance

so here is a great chance!

Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012 / #NBO12

as the new countdown clock of the right tells me, we have five-ish months to go

September 22, 2012

heARTbeatgal and a fantastic fellow collaborator will take part in the over-night pedestrian arts celebration with a few collaborative pieces

(une page blanche)

the intention of the project is to allow the night to shape collaborative inter-active pieces in celebration of connectedness, both within ourselves and with those among us

it invites others to actively collaborate, allowing us to tap into the energy of what is most beautiful in life, self-love, connection, self-expression, fun, creation, community

i will soon detail some of the project ideas…because i wish with all my heART to have you collaborate with us!

think large papier collé that we could start soon and finish that night… think travelling walking sticks that share their journey in snaps… or just think!

we want input

stay tuned



feeling preppy

one raw but sized

one with black gesso

one with many coats of gesso, to be sanded to a shine

one covered in silk

and, one for my mother, raw, as requested

can’t wait to paint!

save for my mother’s, they are all already painted in my mind