i heART chinatown!

yesterday could not have been better

all thanks to a fearless leader, an incredible team of volunteers, talented artists, sunshine and my most favourite community

a few highlights i was able to catch during my awesome busy day…

yarn chinadoll

Lisa Dennis & Jasmine Vesque – “Chinadoll” yarn being bombed!

fearless leader inside Thenwedieatron

a minute inside “Thenwedieatron”

it was a pleasure to connect with Natali Leduc & Matthew Gorgol

collaboARTing with Daniel Martelock

my kiddies collaboARTing with Daniel Martelock

finished product

the finished work


burlesque feather lady was enchanting!

Stefan Thompson

mesmerizing live projection art by Stefan Thompson

silken laumen

really enjoyed rounding out the night with Silkken Laumann

my girls

a big thank you to Chinadoll for her sway at karaoke

and MY girls who came out to lend a hand

you rock ladies

thank you Chinatown Re-mixed!

it was a blast!

it feels good to feel at home


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