walk with me

i started this adventure with the hopes of collaboARTing at any and every chance

so here is a great chance!

Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012 / #NBO12

as the new countdown clock of the right tells me, we have five-ish months to go

September 22, 2012

heARTbeatgal and a fantastic fellow collaborator will take part in the over-night pedestrian arts celebration with a few collaborative pieces

(une page blanche)

the intention of the project is to allow the night to shape collaborative inter-active pieces in celebration of connectedness, both within ourselves and with those among us

it invites others to actively collaborate, allowing us to tap into the energy of what is most beautiful in life, self-love, connection, self-expression, fun, creation, community

i will soon detail some of the project ideas…because i wish with all my heART to have you collaborate with us!

think large papier collé that we could start soon and finish that night… think travelling walking sticks that share their journey in snaps… or just think!

we want input

stay tuned



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