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egon's miss

egon’s miss – resin-covered oil and collage 18″x 24″

Cyclelogik’s 5th Annual Holiday Art Show

1111A Wellington St. W.

tonight   8:00pm


egon’s miss

egon needed another lady

a medium-sized miss for the series

for an upcoming show

egon’s miss – collage, mixed media  18″ x 24″



resin-covered and framed

ready for a day in the park

la dama y/et la dame

die dame

the humidifier helped the resin in the heat

i was concerned

i must also report the use of my protective mask

safety first

dinning room table took the brunt of it this time

poor table



what an odd lady this seated nude became

i covered the freshly stretched canvas with a dozen coats of gesso, sanding occasionally, adding other layers. she was drawn on the thick and still slightly wet paint. the pencil carved her outline. more paint. her outline, now in black, gets covered again, but each time now i carve the outline into the paint. this goes on a while.

turns out she is pink. and her body, glazed in fingerprints. multi-layered textured gal. i like her.