this is very inconvenient

dishes need washing

canvases need priming

I need my paper snipping hand back!!!

oddly enough, while working lame, on another limb, a tree branch

re-located my wrist

apparently sawing with a dislocated wrist wasn’t

the worst idea i had that day

…and the walk with me walking stick project is off and away

this project has many sources of inspiration. one being a similar project by fellow heARTist Stephen B. MacInnis. there will be eight in total. the one above is the first and has started (with my sawing) its journey.

on the night of nuit blanche ottawa all eight hBg treated walking sticks will be set free. a small message will request of those that walk with us to share a snap of their journey with the stick before they pass it along or leave it to be found by another. if it works the way I hope it will the snaps will be uploaded to a group on flickr and this collage of snaps will tell a story.

…so i need my hand back because there are seven other walking sticks to start!


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