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art in the park

a neighbour artist insisted she get a snap of me with my heART

Urban Art Show



come out you beautiful & damned

collaborative project for the upcoming Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012

artist Robert Brazeau’s tableaux

” enter the most decadent era of the 20th century – the 1920’s.

new york, paris, chicago

the dandies, the independently wealthy , the artists of their age

a decade of aesthetics, social debauchery, excess ”

” the style, the characters and the ambiance are to be re-created, not  observed

experienced, not observed”

during NBO12, visual artist and photographer Robert Brazeau will,  through his lens, capture a 21st century response to this magnificent era and environment

heARTbeatgal and illustrator/cartoonist/orator Otis P Gould III hope to add to the authenticity, as characters to be found in the speakeasy crowd

professional models and enthusiasts of the period Lola Lovestory, Derek Ruston and Marley Lewington will bring their interpretation of the style, glamour and attitude of the era

the experiment completes as Social’s customers and NBO12 participants are lured into the environment, encouraged to release their inhibitions, immerse themselves in the experience of the often excessive and artistic social culture of the 1920’s

hBg is making a call to the universe, and more specifically those with a fetish for the era, to come collaborate with us the evening of September 22, 2012 at Social restaurant

it’s gonna be fuuun!


p.s. come visit me in Minto Park on Elgin this Saturday 9-5 for the Urban Art Show


resin-covered and framed

ready for a day in the park

la dama y/et la dame

die dame

the humidifier helped the resin in the heat

i was concerned

i must also report the use of my protective mask

safety first

dinning room table took the brunt of it this time

poor table


urban art show

how deeply the urban landscape inspires me

i dream most nights of rambling through enormous, yet near empty, metropolises


heARTbeatgal will soon pay hommage to her urban experience

spending the day with her art in the park (#24) at the Urban Art Show

amongst a community of other great local urban artists


fiddling with finishing touches is stirring the energy in me


j’adore the poster design


at least one person I know had better come

otherwise, how will I sneak away to the bathroom?



tell your friends (all of whom will likely be at cottages)

fingers crossed for a pleasant day

my best wishes to the organizers