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it seems the ‘school age’ walking stick is stuck at the border

the stick made it to L’aéroport international Montréal-Trudeau

and made friends with airport staff!!

walking stick in montreal

and where was it off to you wonder?

no where fast!

walking stick lost & found

i am going to put my money on ‘trouble at security’

“what do you mean ? this stick a threat? can you not see the art in action?!?”

this fine airport staff informs me that the stick is laid up in the airport’s lost & found!

i am all at once delighted and distraught

this is the main airport that sets me free on the world

a place i am fond of, filled with memories (…where were you when you heard Michael Jackson was dead? i was at the montreal airport)

AND just imagine all of the amazing other contents of a montreal airport lost & found!

i made a plea for the stick to be set free

it is on a great journey

it is meant to wander

only time and the interest of strangers will tell

my thanks to my collaborators at the airport

you are part of the art

travel well ‘school age’ stick

…try the bus.


le futur


…off to Cuba to create some future.


under pressure

beautiful number of hours in montreal

checked out under pressure 2013

DSC01345 DSC01349 DSC01351 DSC01353 DSC01359 DSC01360 DSC01362 DSC01368 DSC01347


good fun


fresh paint

fresh paint

this makes me want to get out the spray cans

instead i will make my way to montreal this weekend to witness UnderPressure international graffiti convention 2013

…spending the next four weeks on an inspiration hunt!


‘crowd box’ update: thank you to all of my generous supporters thus far. your prints are on their way to you shortly! forty-six days to go!



i have some.



spent some time amongst the buildings

watched the sun rise

spied on montreal as it awoke



deux promenades

a tiny injection of montreal

went for a bubble bath, the Mathieu Laca show, and a couple of quick cold strolls

no snaps of the bubble bath

merci montreal

c’est le ton qui fait ta chanson


before us


while in montreal on saturday i stole this snap at the Tom Wesselmann retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

(i later learned that photos were allowed. ha!)


Tom Wesselmann  Smoker No. 1, on show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

the show is a good one

his early work spoke loudly to me

starting with collage then moving to the female nude

with nods to the greats

i feel a kindred spirit

his later steel-cut work is impressive, but i like the nudes

i found great, yet subtle, humour throughout

the documentation accompanying the art was also of great interest to me

i take to pop art one artist at a time

my gratitude to Mr. Wesselmann for his body of work and the inspiration it provided



inspiration hunt


what does heARTbeatgal do when she is craving inspiration?

she flees

(and speaks in the third person?)

new perspectives


ready to paint

Ghada Amer & Wangechi Mutu

Thank you

serious badass female artist warriors both

thank you also Montreal

deep heARTs