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under pressure

beautiful number of hours in montreal

checked out under pressure 2013

DSC01345 DSC01349 DSC01351 DSC01353 DSC01359 DSC01360 DSC01362 DSC01368 DSC01347


good fun


fresh paint

fresh paint

this makes me want to get out the spray cans

instead i will make my way to montreal this weekend to witness UnderPressure international graffiti convention 2013

…spending the next four weeks on an inspiration hunt!


‘crowd box’ update: thank you to all of my generous supporters thus far. your prints are on their way to you shortly! forty-six days to go!

the crowd

help me build a ‘CROWD box!
 crowd fund pitch
would you like to connect with other humans? does anonymity make it easier? i need collaborators for my Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2013 ‘crowd box’ project. it only works if you connect with me and here is how…
over the night of NBO13, september 21st, 2013, i want to connect with as many people in the crowd as i can, in the name of creative humanity.

there is to be an actual box.  that i am to build. (with some talented help!)

the night of, i will be inside the box on the patio at Social restaurant in the byward market, not able to see out through the see-through mirror plastic walls. holes will be cut for collaborators to reach in and touch me. if not. tweet me.

@heARTbeatgalART #NBO13crowdbox

the kicker is the special (as in, especially expensive) see-through mirror plastic that i need to purchase to create the right environment for the concept. it is essential that collaborators in the NBO13 crowd be able to see me, touch me, without my seeing them. anonymity is key so that interaction is encouraged.

the project is fundamentally based in crowd participation, thus, i am reaching out to the crowd for funding as well. it is very tricky to place financial value on art, let alone, conceptual art pieces like this one. i drew up a budget. i am looking only to recover costs.

why do this?

mostly because i am compelled as an artist obsessed with human connection and collaboration; it is an evolution of my collaborative work; and, ‘the crowd’ is where my art lives.

the crowd is big, diverse and has something to contribute! maybe in some way here!

funds. touch. tweets. let’s connect! help me see this (crazy) dream through!


two views two shoes

two shoes DSC01269

new addition to the neighbourhood vista


la ville

i have a new favourite place

kodak nostalgia my selfie be the change la ville

un grand MERCI à la ville de québec!


model of convenience

this flowed right out of me last night

model of convenience

“model of convenience” – oil and pastel on raw canvas 30″ x 46″

i love raw canvas

the colour and texture


peek a boo

i see you

though not at first



i was more taken with the orange of the crane!




…it is not every day that you see a wee scottish lass inside on old wok on the street!



after three days of experimenting i achieved minor success!


‘egon’s miss’ print 1/22

photo emulsion screen printing…i’ve got your number now

though i am exhausted

of all people i should have known multiples would be a lot of work

…and of course i wore my brand new white t-shirt. formerly brand new

also, i am without my camera so forgive the phone snap



what does an impatient gal do when her printing class gets cancelled

she dives in head-first at home alone through a silk screen


i feel a long night stretching out ahead of me (i might need a mini coke!)

it’s gonna get messy

i am excited

of course i am not taking the easy road

why try one colour first? who has time for that?

there will be frustration and mistakes and cursing

but something will happen

i need to make, create, repeat

wish me luck


this feels like the next right step on this path i am on