nostalgia for business

nostalgia for business


‘nostalgia for business’   oil & collage   9″x12″


found rare time for some collage

a complicated colourful little homage to Landsdown

makes me smile about an otherwise unfortunate situation

i cannot possibly condone the goings on of the current developers

it will forever be sacred ground for me

i witnessed Miss Jackson’s (…cause i’m nasty) Rhythm Nation tour august 21, 1990

i also remember fondly sitting shotgun as a little girl while my dad did doughnuts in the large empty snow dusted parking lot some cold ottawa winter night in the ’80s

good times

…now i look forward to the fond memories  i am going to make at ‘whole foods’



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One response to “nostalgia for business


    Ha ha – see you at Whole Foods! Glad it’s spring? Yes, let’s get together soon.

    Have a good weekend Olivia.

    Regards, Bruce

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