Faith renewed and my new do

I try so hard to love you Ottawa. You are home, and beautiful, and safe.  But shit…you are losing your cool and coolest at an alarming rate and that makes me blue. I repeat, I want to love you.

So I spent most of today doing things to repair my faith.

1. Visited some “major” ladies to have my hair chopped. Studio B: Urban Modern Hair where have you been all my life?


My new do! It wouldn't be me without the wad of gum!

2. By chance, I got to see in person a painting, and its “major” lady subject as it happens, that for weeks I have not been able to get out of my head. Felt a little fated. A remarkable piece by Ottawa artist Zaneta Pernicova. HeART!

Even better in person! ZANETA Pernicova!

3. Indulged my new obsession with street art by buying and spending most of the afternoon pouring over the updated edition of Graffiti World: street art from five continents. Then spent some time in the streets.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, a pretty good grey day to love my home. Or,…was it just the high I got from my new leather pants!?

And frankly, I’m glad my peeps are fleeing. It gives me more time to get to know you, Ottawa.


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2 responses to “Faith renewed and my new do

  • Zaneta Pernicova

    Cheers sugar
    Ottawa can be a bit boring for sure
    But that is why I create Art… And to be honest Ottawa has some pretty cool people
    The last show I was a part of at Patrick Mills gallery was packed. NAKED NAKED NAKED About a thousand people came and I had a moment of realization. Ottawa can be cool, especially if the cool stick together!!!

    Come on out to Patrick John Mills Gallery April 7 6-9 pm
    PORN is not Art
    Is the show title
    286 Hinchey ave. Ottawa Canada

    Ottawa may never be like Montreal or New York, but we can try to get close. There is a new movement in Ottawa and it involves breaking even the squarest of squares!!


    So yeah Ottawa may not

    Come on out to the next opening in April

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