I allowed myself the pleasure of enjoying the spring snow today. I almost really like it. Like exquisite ice sculpture, quickly intensely enjoying it before it melts.

With winter behind me I am taking my first deep conscious breath of spring. It is important. It sets the tone of the next chapter. As I draw this breath I feel a sense of relief, a calm about the path I have set out on.

Now, listen…Ottawa, you and your weekend had your part to play in my good spring humour. Spring brings fall/winter fashion shows (my other favourite part of winter that happens to occur in spring) and this year Ottawa Fashion Week brought them to me . I am happy to be loving Ottawa. She is a bit shy but I believe the cool isn’t just a mirage born out of my desperate bored imagination. It isn’t. I have snaps to prove it. See below.


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In all seriousness, OFW, you made some very major improvements in all aspects and it deserves recognition. Well done. Nothing would thrill me more than if this could be a continuing trend. My thirty snaps speak to my impressions.

Rachel Sin and Argentina’s Adib Simon shone in my eyes. I am finding myself day dreaming about Rachel Sin’s gold blazer. Drool…

I wore my local Ottawa treasure Gem à la Folie Cou de Foudre amber, turquoise, and, freshwater pearl necklace to girl up my leather and faux hawk. Having occasion to wear it makes me smile.

I had fun. Inspired. And maybe, just maybe, I will have ,with each fashion season, some fun and inspiration to look forward to right here at home.



P.s. I am going to take all that above – the spring, the fashion, the good feeling – and paint that for my dear gal pal before she leaves.  😉

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