Twenty-three days left…CollaborARTive!

The response has been overwhelming. Joyfully so. I am letting your contributions wash over me and the vision is forming.

The honey dried nicely over the surface of the canvas giving us a smooth, warm, organic base to build upon. (Now let’s cover it quick before the bugs arrive!)


The flame secured my commitment. The hole is made. No turning back now. Thank you for that.

Here is the list as it stands now:

  1. Cor: a copy of one of Cor’s pieces (that I figure represents him best!)
  2. Rita: Honey. Awesome!
  3. Ian: a burn hole.
  4. Phil: mp3 sound file. How rad is that?!
  5. Dan: “rainbow sunshine magic!” Yes Dan.
  6. Chris: High tech, industrial architecture – steel, glass, cool, clean and crisp. Functionality and framing.
  7. Stacey: Stone – perhaps a bridge, or an archway
  8. William: a nuclear explosion
  9. Phil: “mini-mechanicsville”
  10. Don: an astronomical element
  11. Kapila: Manifesting my connection to God
  12. Felice: paper
  13. Judy:coffee. The awesome feel in the morning when you hear the pot finish brewing, the rich smells filling the house, the dark rich colour in my pale cream coloured mug….
  14. Lynne: clouds

I never anticipated the meaning I would discover in each contribution made. On one level, the choices you have made make perfect sense in the context of our relation. Most unexpected of all, however, is the deeply personal message that each contribution delivers. Expect to hear more on this once the piece is completed.

This experiment, in all its facets, represents a distillation of thoughts that have been brewing for some time now. Words fail to express my gratitude for your participation and enthusiasm.


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4 responses to “Twenty-three days left…CollaborARTive!

  • Vania Karam

    “I feel like a sparkle”

    I was looking at my son’s doodles and he wrote this on the back of his notebook. Do you remember when you felt like a sparkle?

    • heartbeatgal

      Oooo. I love feeling like a sparkle! And it has been way too long. But this project is making me feel awfully sparkly! This also ties in beautifully with the other contribution made earlier today. Stay tuned for an update later. Thank you Vania! I love it.

  • Christine

    Olivia, you know me… I can’t decide!.. but only between two different suggestions. So that you don’t have to wait till the last minute for me to make up my mind, I will share both now: (i) raindrops (ii) a balance scale.

    • heartbeatgal

      You have no idea how perfect this is! Both for the piece and for our personal relationship to the suggestion. No need to choose. I promised to incorporate every idea. They both have a place.

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