For some time now I have thinking about the power of collaboration. This is a particularly compelling idea when you consider the interesting, successful, motivated, intelligent people I count as friends.


Motivated by possibility, fuelled by the power of collaboration (I hope!) and in the pure spirit of joyful creation, I am asking you to join me on a little fun journey.

I have a canvas. It is blank. I want you to help me fill it up. I am in a positive hopeful frame of mind and curious about the future and the shifting culture we are witnessing. Beyond that, there is no particular theme. Send me your contribution. Whatever you like; a colour, a thought, a word, a medium, an image (that would not represent copyright concerns) etc. Send ANYTHING and I will find a way use it as inspiration to add to the piece. I intend to finish the piece on New Year’s day as a welcome to 2011. I also intend to use every bit of inspiration provided. Write often, spread the word.

Let the fun begin. Anyone? ANYONE???

Olivia (heartbeatgal)



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