beauty. a word carefully used in reference to art since more classical times in painting.

female art

[no title] from Guerrilla Girls Talk Back – Guerrilla Girls 1985-90 Tate 

while i take the Guerrilla Girls’  point entirely (and thank them for their work) i still find the female nude to be divinely beautiful

today we can at least agree that it rests in the eye of the beholder

today’s musings begin with my new online MoMA course, Five Puzzles of Contemporary Art. the course challenges views on beauty, value, originality, concept and experience in contemporary art

should aesthetic pleasure be a goal in art making? worthy or not, it is a goal of mine

one lecture, given by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, proposes that the art of our time needs to go beyond traditional beauty to consider ‘interestingness’, ‘memorability of form’, and ‘creating a sense of awe’ in its evaluation

interestingness for sure. i need work on ‘sense of awe’

will keep at it


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