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carry the one

not so long ago, the postman delivered a package of scraps from australia

for my part in collage artist Joel Lambeth’s collaborative project “carry the one” i turn to my ladies

using only the bits of paper supplied (and a smidgen of paint) on the tiny canvas

my nudes have become a series (…with three more pieces on the way)

scraps of paper from around the world, this time it is Edgar for whom i bow deeply


la petite d’edgar – collage and acrylic 5″x 7″


after the bath – Edgar Degas

now off to the post office to mail the piece back to australia

travel well, doll

best of luck Joel!

thank you for the collaboration







heARTbeatgal’s contribution for To The Power of N

thirteen squares of beautiful paper

from my local vietnamese haberdashery

the artist, Joel Lambeth, is seeking thirteen identical bits of “something”

for inclusion in the artists’ materials of his collaborative collage project

how could i not collaborate?

they are en route to australia now, along with my good vibes