Early spring?

Early spring!

Not so long ago I attended with a talented pal Ottawa’s Sexapalooza. I had thought that it might be an interesting venue to continue my meditation on touch. I was wrong. I did however predict an early spring by peeking my head outside the giant vagina.

No, these thirty days, these collected images are destined for something else. A blurry vision, a shadow, has hung over this idea from the outset. It wasn’t until a friend, my best, rudely, benevolently, ripped the scab off all my vulnerabilities that the idea sharpened. I am excited to start making this real. I am equally uneasy. I bet that is a good equation.

Dear collaborators: Once again I am in awe of your willingness to indulge my silliness. The photos, the parts, make a beautiful whole to start from. Some are from friends, many are from others. All of them gifts.

Thank you.

So now it is my turn. Give me another thirty days and I will see what I can do. It is behind my eyelids every time I close them. Here we go…


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