Is it safe to come out yet?

I have been busy hibernating. Physically, mentally, spiritually. February has arrived and that alone is enough to lift my spirits, rev my engine, and ask “Hey, what’s going on out there?”

Now, I am not about to get carried away. It is only February, and while that is progress, my movement remains constrained by the bulk of my snow pants, my mind is slowed by the frozen air, and my spirit is sluggish from the lack of vitamin D.

So by “out there” I am really only talking about a journey as far as my internet connectedness can take me.

Here is something cool, the Google Art Project. This project has put online the masterpieces from the world’s top galleries. Granted, nothing compares to the contextual pleasure of visiting a great work in the flesh, but the ability to access and zoom in to incredible detail on some of my all time favourite pieces from my bedroom or my cube sure is fun. Not only that, I can also create a personalized gallery of my favourites. So far, only El Greco has made the cut.

El Greco's View of Toledo - a total favourite!

When technology, creativity, and collaboration collide in this way it gives me hope that we are on a path that I want to follow.

So what of our technological creative collaboration? The thirty days are almost up. Sunday night is the cut off. I am antsy and need to start working again. I am thrilled with the input I have received thus far, and encourage any others interested to contribute before Sunday.

Peace and love and hot chocolate.


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