What the – bleep?

I just rolled over and 2011 is in my bed. He said we met last night. That I was tipsy and on a raging crème brulée high. Anyhow, He seems nice enough. Full of expectation and potential. But a serious stage-four clinger. I can tell he is going to stick around a while. I just sent him to make me coffee. So…

Dear 2010,

A toast to you, 2010, and your bounty. A good year, a splendid year. One filled for me with personal revelation, revolution. You have left your mark and I am forever changed. I honour you in part with this crazy project that is nearing its completion. Your energy, as we bid your farewell, has made its contribution. Salud!

But it is over. Seriously. Don’t call.


Ok people, this is it. I said I would finish this bitch today. I am going deep. I may even turn off my Blackberry. (…does this thing even have an off switch?) So unless you are coming by with a pack of cigarettes (seriously, I am out) then kindly leave me be. I will be back. By morning. Noon at the latest.



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