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the clock

to be specific, Christian Marclay’s The Clock, on display at the National Gallery of Canada

(the clock below has nothing to do with The Clock,

but it is one hell of A clock, no?!)

The Clock…  a twenty-four hour video montage composed of thousands of scenes from film and television in which a clock or watch appears with the time. The film is synchronized with the real time. It functions as a real clock.

riveting. charming. comforting. oddly consistent. astounding really.

a beautiful whole made up of unique collected, bits. bits, i gather, collected in a collaborative fashion.

naturally, this appeals to my sensibilities.

each bit tells a story. the story ,in turn, made of bits.

a video collage.

i heard the best was from around one to four a.m.

i spent a few afternoon hours with the clock after sleeping through several mid-night attempts. dommage.

tick tock

time well spent


here comes the sun

hBg at worship

twenty one

i have a kid sister

no longer a kid


painted silk – scarf 13″ x 58″

she is amazing and will do amazing things in this world

enjoy each day kid


KONY 2012

Please watch this video.

…and that should be just to start.

I have said this before dear heARTs, we can be doing much better.

We MUST do much better.


tie me…



tee hee hee


the town

i painted it red recently

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15″ x 60″ painted silk



my body is en route shortly to OFW

my heART is already at LFW ‘dahlings

heARTs for LFW

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Fyodor Golan

Bora Aksu


and the interwebs


i model

here is what happens when

a saturday

the eve of Ottawa Fashion Week

a MOMA modern art history “expressionism” module

reflections on an odd number of weeks


a Marie-Claire magazine


…and, of course a reverent nod to both Wangechi Mutu and Egon Schiele who rocked my world this week



couldn’t resist playing with this light


creARTing cookies & castles

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