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feeling golden

what is your feeling on the state of humanity?

gold = positive and hopeful

teal = neutral and things are as they are

black = concerned and negative


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as expected, had a golden time collaborating with the people of ottawa

the black marks were emphatic but the gold won the night

sending many heARTs to my many collaborators

it is a joy to create with you and the reason i am one thumb gold

the other is black until more of our energy is spent this way

my thanks to the museum of nature for the great event

next month i may come dance!


nature nocturne

tonight is the night

party at the dinosaur museum!!!

another collaboration in the works


Museum of Nature

january twenty-fifth 8pm – midnight

the intention of this project is to allow the night shape a collaborative inter-active piece in celebration of connectedness, both within ourselves and with those among us.

the museum of nature is an ideal setting to have individuals consider the state of human nature and contribute their creative energy to a painting made up of three different colours of thumbprint. a large canvas is prepared with twenty-three strips of fine paper. attendees will be encouraged to choose one of three colours: gold, teal, or black to make their mark. the colours are attached to the following sentiments; gold for a positive hopeful view, teal for a neutral laissez-faire attitude, and black for those with less hope. the image will reveal a temperature of sorts. the mood of the group at the event.

the transfer of the collective creativity energy should be interesting at least, beautiful at best.

hope to see you there



i am preparing a canvas for an upcoming live art project


strips of paper


when faced with a few challenges


i find my solution in cutting strips of paper

beautiful italian-made paper

new german-made scissors

precise straight lines

it was truly a joyful meditative experience

and i have my solution


more to come about the project…