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i am on a fundraiser roll

won at bingo last night in the name of Chinatown Re-mixed

which starts next saturday

do the tour

then come down and party with us at the beer tent stage!!

live music, live art, cold beer, good eats

Shanghai parking lot

it’s gonna be fun


calling ALL heARTists

my mind is fixed these days on physics and the word of the Buddha

among other things

“Impermanent are all created things;

Strive on with awareness”

with that, i am preparing for my next live art collaboration

( Chinatown Remixed would be great event perhaps!)

it starts with this call to all artists, bold and timid alike

to submit to me a small original work on paper

a created thing

i will post them here as i am doing with “proton moving from A to B by all possible paths” (for example)

proton from a to b

collected for the big day

expected in may

i will ask participants to choose a work, or make a work

and take scissors to it

snip snip



from there i will have pieces to make a collage

a new creation

(which we can also cut up!)

so if you are an artist (of any sort) fascinated by creation send me a message and i will send you the mailing address

deadline for receipt of work: May 1st, 2013

do it. it will be fun. the more art the more fun. any sort. doodles count. everything works. tell your friends. do it. please and thank you.


p.s. works will not be returned! hahaha


my part of Chinatown Remixed is hung

with a pro helper, it looks great

i am all smiles

if you are around ottawa this saturday come pay me a visit

after the parade! (there is a parade!!) i will be at my venue

My Sweet Tea, 824 somerset st. west

from two to five

come see all the great artists and events

if not saturday, the show runs through mid-june

yay! very exciting!

very pleased

…my home feels empty though