holiday sweat-ER

”  One of the most highly anticipated holiday art shows of the season is back for its 5th year!

Food, music, art, antics, and the work of over 40 artists for sale !”

Cyclelogik’s 5th Annual Holiday Art Show

1111A Wellington St. W.

dec 7   8:00pm

Featuring the works of:

Carrie Colton

Dave Cooper

Sharon VanStarkenburg

Stefan Thompson

Daniel Martelock

Marc Adornato

Guillermo Trejo

Crystal Beshara

Marcel Guldemond

Mary Spicer

Meredith Luce

Natasha Beaudin

Michael Sides

Sara Hallman

Andrea Emery

Pamela Lawler

Auni Milne

Theresa Charette

Angela MacGowan

Denise Dowdy

Colin White

Anne Clarke

Danny Hussey

Manon Labrosse

Andrea Stokes

Stephen Frew

Megan Haughian

Jennilee Murray

Rob Friday

Tim Hunt

Alison Fowler

Greta Grip

Patti Normand

Andrew O’Malley

Heidi Conrod

heARTbeatgal (i made a gal special. one of my ladies but smaller)

Anna Griffiths

Drew Mosley

and many many more!


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