260 fingers

while i have to travel a farther distance to appreciate ceramics and pottery in general, there were at least thirty fingers i deeply enjoyed at the self-subtitled “eighth annual short sweet show of really worthwhile ceramic art” this passed weekend.

the work of Paula Murray at 260 fingers

the very fine work of paula murray was refreshing. lightness in a heavy medium. with my clumsiness i worried even looking at them the wrong way.

michelle bishop’s work haunted me. she plays with the organic form, “a textured vessel to create a hidden space reachable through a small passageway which invites the viewer on a journey to the unknown.”  i am uncertain how she achieves this effect, but the description isn’t hyperbole. very emotive. as pots go.

a last word for christopher reid flock of hamilton. brilliant primary colours. intricate unexpected design. very charming. slightly whimsical…in a most serious way.

if i were investing in ceramics, after the work of my mother, this is where i would start



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