modern art

my MoMA Techniques of Post-War Abstract Painting course is near ended

abstraction and i remain wary friends

though, as with any art history i digest

it is the artist’s personal story that is most satisfying

getting inside their minds

to find similar comforting twisted thinking

or humour

or honesty

or clarity

Ad Reinhardt’s tree “How To Look At Modern Art in America”

i am particularly fond of Ad Reinhart’s take, in which i find all

i like a strong voice alongside a strong image

take for example Adam the Great!

(my affectionate name for artist, instructor, friend Adam F. Davidson)

Adam F. Davidson – Palette Knife #12   2010  above my staircase

before i was familiar with his work Adam introduced me to his discourse

thoughtful honest clarity

after, his work and i were introduced

it went very well

then to learn some of Adam as an artist, some of his technique

my acquisition has depth of meaning

what a treat!

thank you to my mentors, both online and in the real world

for their knowledge

i am grateful and better for it on many levels


p.s. i see MoMA has added some new courses just in time

…Modern and Contemporary Art: 1945–1989?

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