mildly violated

my car was broken into

right in my lane

the assailants absconded with a pile of dusty change and my sense of security

my expressionism class, just after, provided the victim support

…AND I am kind of insulted that the crackheads didn’t seem to be interested in my music.



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2 responses to “mildly violated

  • Judy

    Paint it all out! The big question is what kind of music did they overlook?

    • heartbeatgal

      Paint therapy is my life currently.

      As for music, I don’t see how they could not snatch up The Dudes, Billie Holiday, G’n’R, the “Westward Ho'” mixtape I made for a whacky visit to the mountains!?!?! Clearly crackheads. Or just people who don’t use CDs anymore. sigh…old.

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