i love garbage night.

i LOVE throwing away junk.

last night i went through a box of random junk and pitched most of it.


even more excellent, the few items I did keep!!!

1. silly putty. enough said.

2. a MIXED tape. an ACTUAL  mixed tape of mine. i really didn’t think I had any of these around anymore.

what will I do with it you, ask?

not much, except smile. do an “in the old days” routine with the kiddies?

3. my Buddha Board

in case you are unfamiliar, it is a whimsical novelty that encourages you to paint with water alone

and contemplate the impermanence of the universe as you watch your masterpiece evaporate.

always a good lesson to refresh.

peace and love.


postscript!!! is this terrible or meaningful news? …the silly putty left a permanent mark on the buddha board. Hmm?

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