My gut has spoken

A special soul recently took the time to listen. To my internal organs that is. She is practicing the art of visceral manipulation.


From this I learned that my small intestine was feeling a little uptight. Had some stuff to get off her chest (Yes. I imagine her to be female. Right? Liver…male. Obviously. No? ahem…).

Apparently she is super-duper into Adele. Cool. I dig it. She is also in cahoots with my pal to get me to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Ok, ok you two…I get it now. Merci.

“…the air over the table like the sparkling space just above a fresh-poured seltzer.”

And that is just p. 6. I declare! It will be read before June. All gazillion pages.

These words marinade with the earthly soulful thumping of my ear buds. I let my organs, my gut, my viscera, my centre, my intuition, that energy that floats above us all paint a thank you for that special soul that took the time to listen. There were important things for me to hear.


If you are interested in learning more about this therapy check Aviva out. heART! I am better since. For realz!

Grateful. AND it’s MAY!!!


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