It has been thirty days since I started down the path that lead us, for better or for worse, to “Rainbow Sunshine Magic” (the title of CollaboARTive piece number one).

I have always felt a special connection to the number thirty. A little research proves that I am not alone in this affection. It is after all the atomic number of zinc. Also, the age Jesus and his crew hit their stride, as well as, the height of Noah’s Ark in cubits. Most intriguingly though, I discovered today, that by adding up some of the subsets of its divisors (e.g. 5, 10 and 15=30) makes thirty a semi-perfect number! Mathematically speaking, I have no idea what this means of course. I was required to repeat grade eleven math three times before I got it right. Right enough anyhow. Damn you fractions!

So, with its promise of semi-perfection, and the satisfaction of my time well spent these past thirty days, I feel compelled to commit myself, us, to another thirty days.

my hand

This time around, after the deeply personal experience of reaching out to those nearest and dearest, I am suggesting a slightly different approach.

An anonymous collaboration.

Below is the address and password to a Gmail account I have created for us.

Password: thirtydays

To date, it has but one lonely message from me that links us all (ANY and EVERYONE!) to a Dropbox folder.

In the folder, there is one sad and lonely image. My hope is that for the next thirty days, collaborators will fill, anonymously, abundantly, the email inbox and Dropbox folder.

I am asking collaborators to send images of a body part. An anonymous photo of one body part.

In the meantime, I will indulge in a little meditation on the theme of touch that has haunted me for at least six months now. More on that to come.

Ok, here we go again.

Touch me.


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