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middle adulthood

reward & realignment

here i am, early, yet middle adulthood

i am excited by this chapter

i expect good things

my stick may have lofty ambitions

what with its golden and peacock embellishments

but the rewards i am envisioning are personal

knowing who you are

maybe even knowing a little something about something

more time to consider these things

more time and opportunity to realign

my hopes and dreams are in this stick

i cannot wait for it to set off


p.s. this stick has the grand privilege of being set off on its journey from the opening ceremony with the Nuit Blanche Ottawa curators! yay!

young adulthood

hard work & responsibility

work, family, chores, sleep


following your own nose

making your own mistakes

building who you are

throw in some fun

then work some more



(can you tell this stage made me tired?)



rebellion & change

on my thirteenth birthday I closed my eyes and wished…

to be twenty

i wouldn’t wish this age on my worst enemy

however, most battle through

change and rebellion

something in between

if i were to do it over again

there would be a lot more spray paint involved

i think this stick rawks


school age


numbers and letters used to get most everyone in line

the rules

schoolyard and classroom both

i quite like this stick

i used to quite like the rules (not such a fan any longer. i have a friend to thank for that)

it was made in the company of some formidable ladies

it just feels good this one


play age

fun & games

my kiddies are recent graduates of play age

if this is not the best time of ones’ life, than…

the secret is returning to that inner five-year old


i do. no surprise

i did. in making this stick

this one makes me smile





i remember this age

fondly, clearly

mostly, i think of it as an age of wonderment

and conjures for me a sense of movement

the clouds, the ladybug, the red balloon

then i remember my twins at this age

…and it is mostly dread



building blocks

smallest of the sticks

black and white vision

elemental development

simple in its complexity

…or is it complex in its simplicity?

better for people of smaller stature either way



ten days

they are finished and all dressed

ready to set off on their journeys

for the eight days to come, i will introduce each of our  “walk with me” #NBO12 sticks

i am excited for the start of their adventure

the concept has lived in me for some time now

the intention of the project is to allow the night to shape a collaborative inter-active piece in celebration of connectedness, both within ourselves and with those among us. inviting others to actively collaborate taps into the energy of what is most beautiful in life, self-love, connection, self-expression, fun, creation, community

join the flickr group to follow the action starting during Nuit Blanche Ottawa september 22

the group is the canvas for the project. as photos of the journeys are uploaded and shared, the snaps will start to paint a, some, picture

watch the collage take shape

(she hopes! fingers crossed!)

i wonder where we will go?


dressing up

now, nuit blanche walking sticks not so naked

not finished

but i always find it’s the getting dressed that is the fun part



eight walking sticks

eight stages of life

the “naked”  final eight lined up in their life-cycle order

only twenty-two days to go before they are released out into the world